Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The holiday is coming to an end

I said good-bye to the last of my family members yesterday. I've had three sets of family members visit my home (and Salisbury House) during the holiday. They are now all safely home, thanks to the services of a big flying Mango.

I still have a few days of leave left, (technically until next week Friday, but that won't be practical because then nothing will be ready when the High School learners return). My phone has started ringing constantly again (on average 1 call per hour).

So I've decided to make a duck. I've drawn the last bit of money from my bank-account and I'm off to Robinson to go camp next to a river in a little tent, until the money is finished. (Probably only two days).

When I come back I will try to figure out where we will place the 28 new college students and approximately 8 new high school students who have applied for residence in Salisbury House. I will also try to complete the installation of the new computer lab (5 computers) in room 9. I also need to try to install a roof mounting for a video projector in the worship room as we might be receiving an anonymous donation! Yippee.

My logs tell me that not many people have been reading Salisburyhouseblog over the holidays, so I'm probably talking to myself.

Oh, by the way: I received 17 new years SMS's. If we estimate that one SMS costs 70 cents, it means that I've contributed: R11.90 to the coffers of Vodacom, MTN and Cell C by the mere fact that I exist. I should market myself to them as a potential source of revenue. I still need to reply to those sms's. I might do that while I am pretending to be fishing with my daughter next to the Breede river at Robinson :-).

Have a happy new year.