Monday, December 17, 2007

Assistant Deans

I decided to clean out a cupboard in my office that has been full of unidentified objects since I became dean.

I came across the following photos.

I have met many of these gentlemen personally. It is abundantly clear that the Assistant Dean position is usually filled by great leaders. The position probably also does a lot to prepare a person for leadership. I would love to hear some of their stories.

It would be wonderful if these men, or other Assistant Deans and Resident Assistants who might come across this blog could send me a photo of themselves and tell us something about their experiences in Salisbury House and about their lives after living in Salisbury House.

Jannie Bekker 1975-76

Anton van Wyk 1977-78

Braam Oberholster 1979

Werney de Lange 1980

Monty Muhl 1981-82

Peter Krumpschmidt 1983

Martin Bradfield 1984

Jonathon Stockil 1985

Shane Blake 1986

Richard Lovemore 1987-88 (He is currently farming in Paterson in the Eastern Cape)

Sean Botha 1989-90


SOLAR said...

I remember Richard Lovemore and Sean Botha quite well. I was fortunate enough to be a resident in Salisbury House during both of their reigns.

Thank you for more memories Weiers, dig some more, I'm sure there's lots of interesting stuff in those cupboards, and just shout if you need some help! ;-)

Solar (Previously known as "K")

Anonymous said...

Last news I heard was Mr. Monty Muhl worked for Absolute Capital hedge fund company in Sydney Australia. He was the COO of the company then.