Thursday, November 02, 2006

The A-team for 2007

Well, the suspense is over and I am more than happy to announce a really interesting team that will help with the management of the dormitory for 2007.

The Assistant Dean:

Theodore-John Knipe:

TJ worked as RA for this year and it was felt that his service was of such a nature that he could be promoted to AD.

Resident Assistant:

Peter Webster:

Peter is quiet, but he has a passion for the dormitory and a vision. He gets along well with the High School guys and he is very excited to be part of the team who organise worships on campus. We are happy to welcome him to our team.

Resident Assistant:

Zandisile Ntshiza:

Zandisile was so surprised when I asked him if he would do this job that I could not get a final answer out of him for about 4 hours! When he applied he never thought that he would get it. He has been unable to stay in the dormitory, but his leadership and contribution in other areas of the campus was noticed by almost all the members of the Deans' Council. We are very happy to welcome him into the dormitory and we trust that he will continue to be of a good example and leader to us.

I hope to post some photos very soon.


Anonymous said...

waht a team it will be in the coming year...2007 salisbury house will be interesting indeed..who would have thought?Zandisile, Peter and Tj yet alone the deam ???hummm///what a team..are there any criteria for such positions or it's a matter os random sampling? well what a year we have ahead of us? GOod luck to the A TEam...hahaha

Anonymous said...

let's call it the D_TEAM.....

Weiers said...

It would be interesting to hear what your expectations of the assistants are or would be.

The criteria that we used were amongst others:

1. Consistent interest, loyalty and participation in dormitory events.

2. Proven reliability and responsibility in performing duties in other areas of work.

3. Pleasant characters and strong values that are in line with values that we would like to be reflected in the Dormitories.

4. Leadership potential.

In a sense the work of the assistants are mostly unglamorous and often it just requires that a person does unpleasant tasks to make life in the dormitory pleasant for all.

I must say, this year we had a number of very talented students to choose from. It was quite challenging. I know that any one of the other students on the short list would have made very worthy assistants. I do however have full confidence in the three students that will be helping us. I will try to provide my very best support to them, and I would love it if we could all work together to make this dormitory a really pleasant place for everybody to live in.