Thursday, November 02, 2006

We came, we saw, we were thrown into the pool!

Katleho is the Assistant Dean for 2006.

Katleho is one of the biggest and strongest students in the dormitory. You do not want to be in his way when he loses his temper (although this does not happen all that frequently).

Katleho is actually quite fun loving. Sometimes he tends to get involved with some questionable activities, like throwing an unsuspecting student into the swimmingpool (This sometimes happens when the person has a birthday).

In fact, earlier in the year Katleho was involved with a spate of these activities and several students got really wet. I eventually had to put a stop to this behaviour because it is potentially dangerous and it infringes on people's human rights.

The interesting thing is that in the four years that Katleho studies at Helderberg, nobody has ever put him into the pool. HE MADE THE MISTAKE TO TELL SOMEBODY ABOUT THIS! And last night I chose to just turn a blind eye when a few of the strongest students of Helderberg College decided to work together to put him into the pool.

This was very entertaining and almost the whole dormitory was involved (another indication of Katleho's formidable strength.)

A very brave high school student (whose identity I will rather not reveal) took some photos:

This photo depicts the effort involved. At this point Katleho is thinking, "Why, o Why did I ever brag about the fact that nobody has ever taken me to the pool in 4 years!"

I count twelve people who are actively involved in the actual process of getting him into the pool. There were about 50 people watching from the stairs.

He Swims!

Disclaimer: This activity is potentially very dangerous. We do not encourage it. In fact it is strongly discouraged. As dean I am strongly of the opinion that it can do more harm than good and I am committed to protect all students from this kind of behaviour. (But secretly I must admit, that Katleho deserved it! )


Anonymous said...

Dean this is ridiculous, how can you allow your AD to be thrown when he is meant to be your right hand man. If it were you he probably would have freed you. SHAME ON YOU!!

TJ said...

Well said!

I enjoyed reading the story and yes I was part of those watching! Hoping they would all fall in!

Anonymous said...

When does the Dean get taken in?

Weiers said...


I was feeling a little bit bad about the fact that one of the dorm management team had to suffer like that. I think TJ hit it on the head when he said, he secretly hoped that Katleho would prove strong enough and wiggle himself free.

When I went to the pool I was warned by about three students (who I consider to be friends :-) ) that I should not go there because I would also be put into the pool.

Anyway, I suppose you should find out when the Dean has his birthday. Then you can take him to the pool on that day :-).

Anonymous said...

This is a passionate plea to all graduates and interested folk to join me in humbling our Dean.We need to baptise him in our lovely pool before we leave for the coming holidays.Pastor Weiers has never had the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of being carried by a group of students to the Ackerman pool,not even when he was here as a student.So lets afford him that opportunity.What do you say?!C me(Katleho) for more details.We'll have the press out for this one!!!

Weiers said...

Hehe, so Katleho wants to change his status from, "We came, we saw, we were thrown into the pool!" to "We came, we saw, we conquered".