Friday, March 23, 2007

District Mail: Heartbeat of the Helderberg

I got such a big surprise when I opened the local newspaper today to find that they had covered an event that I regard as one of the highlights of our year. Two Saturdays ago, we took two bus-loads of students down to Sir Lowries Pass Village to do a community outreach. It was very successful.

On Monday morning I wrote a report which I sent to several newspapers by e-mail. I knew that the deadline to get articles into the newspaper was 12:30. I sent the report early in the morning. By the afternoon I was getting worried because I had not received any response from the newspapers. I suddenly realised that I had not received any e-mails on that day! Our Internet service provider had routing problems and none of my e-mails had gone out on time.

I was angry with myself for not sending the report on Sunday. And there were no surprises in last week's newspaper. I bought the newspaper this week and, began paging through it. And then suddenly I got a big surprise. A full page dedidacted to our outreach.

Click on the pictures to read the full report. I took 135 pictures on that day. I will try to post a few more on the blog.

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