Friday, March 23, 2007

Some more Photos of Our Sir Lowry's Village Outreach

The pictures do not really cover the full scale of the event. 160 children attended the children's programme. 70 families received food parcels. 100 of our students arrived on busses and began to permeate the township. There was no parking in the street as vehicles of supporters from local churches began to arrive. I wish I could share more pictures, but it would fill several pages.

I've never seen Zandisile so Jovial :-) He is one of our Resident Assitants.


Samantha, had about 15 pictures taken with different children from the community. We really got to see her motherly instincts.

Nkosinathi and Baqcine taking a breather after an active children's programme.

These are children from the Sir Lowrys Village waiting for the programme to start.

Some of the community members who received food parcels.

The children's programme in its early stages.

Emily Steward is the leader in the local Sir Lowrys' Village community who gave us a lot of support in organising the programme. She is an exceptional person.

Peter Webster was in charge of the small groups of students who walked through the township, knocked on doors, and handed out copies of "Signs of the Times" .

About 60 students from Helderberg, and other participants lined up with big boxes filled with food. Each student got to hand a box with food to a community member.
A Great BIG thank-you to everybody who made the event a success!

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