Monday, April 23, 2007

Cafeteria Food: Student Feedback

In my short life, I've experienced the food in several dormitories. I have also had friends from other dormitories. And in all my experiences and friendships there has been a common factor.

Complaints about dormitory food. It is a fact of life that dormitory residents will complain about dormitory food.

I have a suggestion that the fact that complaints exist is no real indication of the quality of an institution. Quality is measured by the institution's ability to listen to complaints, engage with them and to come up with responses that will either remove the complaint or satisfy the complainant. (Hows that for a lot of complaints in one paragraph :-) ).

I'm excited about the fact that the College has recently asked the RAD committee to serve as an independent body that will listen to student's input and evaluations of the Cafeteria and liase with the cafeteria in order to improve their service. While we serve in this capacity, we will be called the Menu Committee.

So here is an announcement:

The Menu committee is meeting on Wednesday, May 2 at 13:00 in the cafeteria.

The agenda is to evaluate the menu and the service of the cafeteria from a student point of view.

The meeting will be an open meeting and we invite all students who have an interest in the matter to join us and you will be given the opportunity to voice your concerns and opinions.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, we suggest the following: please send me an e-mail (coetserw @ helderberg's e-mail) and we will be sure to put it on the agenda. We will try our best to investigate your suggestions before the meeting so that we can address them adequately when the meeting is in process.

My plea is to students to make use of this opportunity (it will happen once a quarter) to ensure that they have a positive experience while studying at Helderberg College.

In order to help you make constructive inputs, we have requested that the Cafeteria share their menu for the month of April with us. I hope to post it on this blog very shortly.

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