Saturday, April 07, 2007

Midterm Break

A great silence has descended upon the dormitory.

We are in the middle of a mid-term break and since it is easter week-end many of our students are at home or at camp-meeting.

About 15 students remain in each of our dormitories.

I spent a quiet Sabbath morning walking in a forest close to Stellenbosh with my family.

There is one student that I am jealous of.

Dante is from Argentina. He is very adventurous and has even joined the local rugby club in the Strand. Yesterday I helped him to book another adventure trip up to Port Elizabeth.

Tomorrow morning Dante will jump onto the Bazz Bus at the Lord Charles hotel. He will then travel towards Port Elizabeth and back over a period of 7 days. His first stop will be in George. At George somebody from the Oudtshoorn Backpackers will pick him up and take him to Oudtshoorn where he will spend a night. The next morning he will go visit the Cango Caves and the Ostrich farm. In the afternoon they will put him on the Bazz bus to Knysna, where he will explore the indigenous forests and lakeside shopping centres. The next day he will travel to Plettenberg Bay. He believes this will be the highlight of his trip where he will do one of the world's highest bungee jumps. He might have time to spend a day in Port Elizabeth and then he will return back to Somerset West.

How much does this cost?

The 7 - day Hop-on-Hop-Off journey costs R950.00.

The first night at Oudtshoorn will cost R70.00 (transport from George to Oudtshoorn is R25.00).

He has no idea how much he will pay for the rest, but this sounds quite affordable.

I wish I had embarked on more adventures like this in my time as a student at Helderberg.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you want a advensure their in George, Knysna... when (1) Have one in TJ car, when he takes you to the mall (2) Living in the dorm (3) running in the dorm great fun and good exercise