Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Conquering Helderberg Mountain

In my previous blog post I mentioned that we plan to climb Helderberg mountain with a number of students from Salisbury House and Helderberg College on Sunday 22 October.

In preperation for this climb, I took a day off work this week-end and walked up the mountain myself.

(A picture of the rest of the Hottentots Holland Range from West Peak)

A few notes on the walk:

1. I did see one snake. A 90cm long puff adder. The good news is that she got such a big fright that she is now at least 10 farms away from us. (I would say that I could vouch for it because I met it in the Nature reserve on the way down, but I think that would frighten people off.)

2. It took me (with a 110 + something kg. frame 2 hours to walk to the top of the mountain. It took another 1hr 50 minutes to walk down.) I feel a bit intimidated by the fact that the students, who are young and fit might feel the need to do it in less time.

(A view of The Dome from the beacon on West Peak. To get there we will have to descend about 300 metres along a steep little path down West Peak and then walk about 1 km on a countour path that leads to the ascent part of The Dome.)

3. It is definitely worth it. The scenes are really beautiful. I am unhappy with myself that I waited two years to do this trip up the mountain. (I did climb the Dome last year though.)

There was a bit of hazyness in the air. Down below is Helderberg College.

This is what Helderberg Nature Reserve looks like from the top of West Peak. We will eventually finish our hike down by the large dam - right at the bottom of the hill :-).

If you are a Helderberg Student, I hope to see you on top of the mountain.
Read my previous post to find out what to bring with you.

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