Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Once a year we say good bye to our Matrics. We recently had our Matric Banquet at Neethlingshof, a wine farm near Stellenbosh.

Attached are some of the pictures taken at the meeting. All the photographs are of people who live in the dormitory.

This is Joshua about 45 minutes before the banquet, playing playstation in the Salisbury House foyer.

At the same time, Jean Luc is in a slightly further state of readiness, but he has to clear up something with one of his girlfriends on the phone.

The sun had just set when we arrived at the venue. Steve, one of the Grade 11 hosts waits for us.

Another two of the evenign hosts. Reggie is a proud resident of room 50 in Salisbury house.

Musa, is the Shaka Zulu of the matric in our dormitory this year.

Joshua looks a little bit better by this time. His parents live in Zimbabwe and could not make it for the function.

This is Jean-Luc with what appears to be his main girlfriend. Jean-Luc is from the Seychelles.

Jean Luc with another attachment (Tashlyn who lives in the girlsdorm).

This is Ndile with his girl. Ndile is Xhosa and has recently completed his initiation cermony into manhood. We would probably have forgotten about it if he did not remind us on almost a daily basis :-).

Jean-Luc, Musa and Ndile.

Thedore John (TJ) is one of my resident assistants. He is just one of Jean-Luc's ornamental attachments. (Although he officially accompanied Tashlyn that evening).

Ah, Cute :-).

Man! We have a good looking Matric Class! I just had to get in as well to ruin the picture.

Oh, I completely forgot about Dudu, who also lives in the Girls Dormitory.

And then there was the food.

It is strange that everybody left when the food was finished. Perhaps there was a lively after party somewhere.

It was a lovely evenign. Thanks to the Grade 11's for organising it so well. And Good luck to the Matrics for their upcoming exams.

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Yzerfontein said...

Neethlingshof is pretty - here's some photos of Neethlingshof (I took them)