Friday, February 16, 2007


Kethelo Mazibuko lives in Salisbury house.

He has just been awarded a 100% scholarship. He was one of Five students who applied for this scholarship. In order to qualify you need to have a good record of leadership and involvement on campus. You need to also have good grades (above 65% average). You need to be able to prove that you are in need of the scholarship and that you have tried your best to fund your studies.

Kethelo, we are very proud to have you at the College and in our dorms. We know that you will continue to make a good contribution to our community.

I have been informed that students will be able to apply for a scholarship like this in the second semester.


Nokuzola said...

What can I say. God is good. I have been wondering when will I see Helderberg College on the blogs. I want to tell you this is a powerful tool to evangelize. I have just been forwarded this blog by a friend who is not an S.D.A. Brothers keep it up! Go ye therefore and spread the message via these blogs. I would like to see you changing the boring website of Helderberg College. To the brother who just got a scholarship congratulations.There are many needy students who would love the get the opportunity to get scholarships in order to work for God.I hope that they be blessed one day.

Anonymous said...

Guyz u seem to have stopped this blog. Lesson one you cannot start a blog site without having something to say regularly.You started this with a vision in mind come on we need to hear more. Surely with those computers and more than 12hour access you can use it resourcefully. I will visit this blog even next week to see if something new has been posted.Commitment guys is needed on this. It can develop to something good.