Monday, February 12, 2007

Warning Letter From: Chief Comrade

I've been asked to convey this message to the second year students by a few of the first year students:

You Strike a Comrade you strike a Rock

Forget about the pool

Or you will be in the pool.

You have been warned.

(Mnn... I wonder what that could mean. I was told this is particularly meant for: Clementine, Peter, and Mpho.)

The author of this message appears below.

I will rather not mention his name. I don't want to be held responsible for what might happen to him.


Anonymous said...

Please Boss take the foto from the blog off or I will be trown in to the pool they
the comrades gave me 10 days to take the foto off so please.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

it has been a pain to hear that it realy happened the pool incident and :our dean: had some hand in it stefan we are behind

Anonymous said...

the time we spend trying to be fair to those who have no scrupples about proper condct(i reffer to a comment made by one of our RA), it seems that certain individualshave made it their major subject to publicly kiss each other even in the place of worship.pls dean do/say something about this cause we just want to worship in the house of GOD and not see explicit pictures.

Anonymous said...

We would just like you to know that at the end you strike a comrade you strike a rock, our young comrads we are proud of you guy's. For does who don't know TJ & Pieter were thrown in to the pool last night. Well done comrads.

Anonymous said...

Now the time has come 2 down 2 go....
Comrades wait for the sign before Thursday ...

Anonymous said...

it will be a pleasure to see zandi and the dean in the pool.