Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photo Diary: Lion's Head, Signal Hill Outing

On Saturday, 24 February 2007 we rented a bus with the intention of exploring a new part of Cape Town. As a college we had not gone to Kirstenbosh in the last 3 years. Our idea was to hike from Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosh.

There was however a slight hick-up. Despite having sent a fax to book the bus a week earlier, and despite the fact that I had received a faxed confirmation from the bus company, the bus never arrived. When I called them, they said that we had not confirmed with them. They had to find a driver quickly and we ended up leaving 90 minutes later than we had planned. I realised that we would not make it to Kirstenbosh on time, and we decided to do an old favorite trip to Lion's Head and Signal Hill.

When we arrived in Cape Town everything was covered in cloud. The walk up the mountain is well marked and our students were not hindered from doing the exciting and spectacular climb ... without the spectacular views.

This was my second trip up Lion's head, but I have yet to summit. This time I had these three kids (The middle one is my daughter) with me and we navigated precarious paths and thick mist to finally stop at this beautiful pine-tree.

At 19:00 we drove to Signal Hill. At first the bus struggled to find parking. It was now cold and the clouds deposited lots of little droplets of water on us. We congregated at a lookout-point which now had no view and let rip with a lovely and lively worship service. I thought I should title the following three photo's "Faces of worship."

Here we were singing, "Walk in the Light"
This is Bradley Golden participating in a lively venacular song. Where else do you see such radiant faces during a worship service? Helderberg is really a good place to be.

(Guess who did not close his eyes during the final prayer.) This is the holiest that I have ever seen Hiimunza. He is generally quite a devil :-).

We became quite a tourist attraction. As we were wrapping up our worship, a group of strangers just came and joined us. Later we realised that they were from one of our churches (Thembalethu). Our rythmic and animated singing attracted the attention of a few visitors from overseas and they were walking all around us making a video of the event. I wish we could have had a Helderberg College banner with us for the international marketing that we were doing :-).

Before we got onto the bus to go to Canal Walk I took the following pictures. It is really satisfying to see so many happy faces.

(By the way, Cecil Errens lived in my dormitory last year. He left the dorm after he got married to this beautiful lady.)

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