Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unfortunately Fortunate

Zolani was back for 1 week when he was involved with a nasty accident.

He was travelling with three of his friends and needed to turn across a stream of oncoming traffic at a traffic light. He waited in the middle of the interesection until the traffic light turned red and then crossed. Unfortunately another impatient driver had decided to skip the red traffic light and collided head-on with Zolani. The other driver ended up in hospital. Nobody in Zolani's car was hurt.

Zolani's car is insured and we are all hoping that his new car will look something like the picture below. In the mean time the whole college is suffering because there is one less vehicle to transport students to town for snacks at 22:00 at night.

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Anonymous said...

who wants to bump mine? im insured!